STER offers kayaking trips along the trail of Budy — Warka with campfires.
We set off at 10.00 a.m. from our base in Warka, 30 Mostowa Street,
15 € per person, Reservations: call (+48) 791−791−142 or fill in the form below

STER provides new comfortable Pro Tour kayaks and transportation.
We invite you to visit our shop and do your spring
shopping: kayaks, paddles, life jackets.

To see more videos from our kayaking playlist, please click the screen below.

STER Kayak Rental Service offers:

  • Excellent relaxation in most comfortable new polyethylene kayaks with a comprehensive transportation service,
  • Several-hour kayaking trips for families and weekend trips with accommodation in tents and *photo contests (in July and August),
  • Get-together parties with friends, kayaking trips for businesses including arrangements for campfires, hot meals and overnight accommodation,
  • Holiday multi-day kayaking from Maluszyn through Sulejów, Spała, Nowe Miasto to Warka and further locations, according to our current trail descriptions,
  • Always fresh and up-to-date information with photos, prepared before the season, including information on agritourism, stopovers and interesting sites.

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Genuine smile on our canoeists’ faces – the best recommendation!

Routes, offers, prices – kayaking tours (kayak + transportation)

You can book kayaks for any date and route as shown in the table below. Go to the form (click here). Kayaking routes – full offer can be seen here, the table contains the exact GPS locations of convenient start and finish points for the trips, prices for groups of more than 8 people. Indicated trip durations are approximate.

rzeka, długość, czasstart spływuzakończenie spływu
1. Pilica 8 km, 2 godz.
30 zł/osobę
Lechanice (przed lasem po lewo)
51°44'42" N 21°7'25" E
Warka (za mostem po lewo)
51°46'43" N 21°10'50" E - Plaża 1
2. Pilica 16 km, 4 godz.
35 zł/osobę
Budy Mich. (za most. po prawo)
51°42'35" N 21°3'32" E
Warka (za mostem kolejowym po lewo)
51°46'43" N 21°10'50" E - Plaża 1
3. Pilica 17 km, 4 godz.
35 zł/osobę
Warka (za mostem drogowym po lewo)
51°46'40" N 21°11'58" E - Plaża 2
Mniszew (za mostem po lewo)
51°51'20" N 21°16'13" E
4. Pilica - Wisła 34 km, 7 godz.
40 zł/osobę
Warka (Plaża 2)
51°46'40" N 21°11'58" E
G. Kalwaria (przed most. po lewo)
51°59'10" N 21°14'27" E
5. Pilica - Wisła 17km, 4 godz.
40 zł/osobę
Mniszew (za mostem po lewo)
51°51'20" N 21°16'13" E
G. Kalwaria (przed most. po lewo)
51°59'10" N 21°14'27" E
6. Radomka 17 km, 3 godz.
50 zł/osobę
Brzóza (za mostem po prawo)
51°36'46" N 21°20'8" E
Ryczywół (przed mostem po lewo)
51°41'31" N 21°25'7" E

How to get to Beach 1 in Warka – 51°46’44″ N 21°10’50″ E

Access descriptions available on clicking a given route colour: red (from Warsaw), green (from Kozienice), blue (access road to Beach 1 from our base in Mostowa Street), light blue (detour from Białobrzegi). Due to road works in the centre of Warka, we suggest taking detours as shown on the map.

Get-together parties with friends, kayaking trips for businesses

A kayaking trip is an excellent idea for a get-together event. We have frequently organized such events for both small and bigger companies. There is a considerable interest in this form of business trip because it offers relaxation in the bosom of nature, get-together group activities and engaging outdoor adventures which all take place in an exceptional natural environment amongst beautiful forests and rivers. We can arrange for campfires, catering and accommodation.

Kayaking trips for families and individuals

This offer is addressed to groups of friends who prefer to relax in their own company, according to their own plan and within the time frames they choose themselves. We are ready to assist you in the selection of route, we can advise on good camping places and recommend what there is to see. We offer a well-tested and reliable equipment: stable and comfortable kayaks, modern kayak jackets, hermetic containers. Sport attractions on weekdays and weekends, guided visits to the Pułaski Museum, the Sielanka Farm or the Warka Brewery.

The Pilica River and the surrounding primeval forests on the right bank and orchards on the left bank, which are part of the Nature 2000 network, make the region unique. Landscape parks in Przedbórz, Sulejów and Spała, nature reserves “Niebieskie Źródła” [Blue Springs], “Sokół” [Falcon], “Majdan” [Courtyard], “Stara Pilica” [the Old Pilica] are all heaven on earth. Our gallery has some photos from the kayaking trips down the rivers of Krutynia, Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Brda, Wda, Dunajec, as well as the charming views of the Warka surrounding areas. Our references and articles provide essential tourist information. The microclimate of the Warka region, numerous cultural and sport events are excellent for relaxation all year round. The areas of Warka, Pilica, the landscape park and the Vistula and Radomka rivers make it a perfect place for holding get-together events and spending Your Weekend and holidays. Here, you can also find the greatest blooming orchards in Europe, friendly people, traces of history connected with the figures of Kazimierz Pułaski, Piotr Wysocki, Stefan Czarniecki, uprisings and Mazovian princes. Our assets include good access by road or railway from Warsaw, Łódź and Kraków.

Our assets:

  • You can save time and money by visiting the nearby “Mazury of the Mazovian District”,
  • Most comfortable new French polyethylene kayaks: Pro Tour and BRIO,
  • Relaxing trips with your family, friends in the proximity of primeval forests and nature reserves,
  • The Pilica, Vistula and Radomka Rivers are best for photo-hunting,
  • A convenient price for a comprehensive tourist service in the centre of Poland,
  • Kayaking trips – always tailor-made to meet your individual needs.

Polyethylene Pro Tour 470 kayaks tested on the Radomka River

Zobacz See a video documenting a kayaking trip down the Radomka River. As you see, the kayaks are durable enough to have withstood the test, we also did, albeit we do not encourage you to go for it. The test was carried out by J. Biskupski’s group in September, along the river section between Goryń and Brzóza, music: Wysokie (Kajakowe) Progi [High (Kayak) Chutes].

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